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Made in Washington-Spring Term 2024

First rehearsal: January 18, 6:30pm, Shelton Presbyterian Church (registration and a quick run-through of music that we're considering).

Second rehearsal followed by Social Time with Snacks: January 25, also at 6:30pm.

Additional rehearsals every Thursday - same place, same time per the schedule that will be handed out to everyone.

Concert Date Proposed: May 10 - Friday night concert at Shelton Presbyterian Church (checking on availability).

What music are we singing? The overall theme is "Made in Washington" with composers/performers/songs from and about Washington.  We will explore some of the well-known songs like -

  • Bing Crosby (Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ral, Shine On Harvest Moon)

  • Ray Charles (Georgia On My Mind, It Had to be You)

  • The Brothers Four (Try To Remember, Greenfields, Yellow Bird)

  • Songs about mountains (Ain't No Mountain High Enough, Go Rest High on that Mountain)

  • Sing Along (Hokey Pokey, Roll On Columbia)

  • Washington songs (The Old Settler, The Gooey Duck Song, Washington My Home)

We're still getting the music organized and we'll sight read it before we make final decisions, but along with some new tunes, there'll be lots of familiar songs.

Join us on the 18th and bring any friends, neighbors, etc.  This is a non-auditioned choir and open to the anyone in the community. We'd love to see you all soon!

Beth Johnston

Choir Director

Susan Johnson

Board President

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