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About us


The Chorale is a non-auditioned community choir open to any singer (age 14 or higher) with any level of singing experience and training.


View Past Performance information here.


Founded in 2005, the Anna’s Bay Center for Music is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization with a mission of building community through music. Our all-volunteer team works to achieve this mission by making music education and participatory musical experiences available to as many as possible in our community.  Through our choir, Anna’s Bay Chorale and through collaborations with other choirs and orchestras, both in and outside of Mason County, who play an important part in our programing to support our mission statement.


Anna’s Bay’s current programming includes community ensembles, partnerships to provide in-school music education for primary and secondary school children, summer music education programs to keep our youth engaged in the arts year-round, as well as guest artist appearances intended to enrich our community culturally and economically by boosting cultural tourism.

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