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Reading with Anna's Bay

There's only seven days left until the first rehearsal for Anna's Bay Chorale's 10th anniversary concert. I have heard in the past few weeks (and seen on facebook) that there are many people who are interested in coming out for the first time, or coming back to join with us to celebrate our 10th year of performances. Plus, you can't beat singing the Faure and 'Spring'....with full orchestra. It's gonna be fun, and I look forward to meeting the new people next week.

I HAVE heard one reason for NOT joining that keeps popping up, and I want to let you know that Anna's Bay has heard your concerns, and is addressing it. The concern in:

I dont know how to read music...

Well... you don't have to worry about this...for 3 reasons

1) Current members - Did you know that there are people in Anna's Bay already that don't know how to read music? If you want to sing, we can take care of you. Most 'non-readers' sit next to someone who can read and they work together.

2) Practice CDs - To help those who like to hear rather than see, we send home practice CDs so you can listen along in the car, during your workout, or any time of the day. Most CDs have a piano plunking out your notes on top of a recording of the full chorale, but this term, we have a few pieces with people singing your part for you to follow along with.

3) Learn to read - Before rehearsals in Jan and Feb, I (Dr Isham) will be taking 5 sessions to teach the basics of making sense of what's on that page. How to find your part, what dynamic and tempo markings mean, why the conductor waves their arms and why singers should care, how to read rhythms, and how to read notes. You wont be reading at a mastery level in 5 weeks, but you WILL be able to navigate rehearsals a little easier.

So....Come out next week (7 days from now....Jan 17 6:30) and follow along with us as we 'read' through all the pieces for the May concert. Come back next week at 5:30 and begin to learn to read....and stay to sing with Anna's Bay

See you next week!

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