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The Window is Closing

It was great to see all the choristers again after my summer off. Last week, Anna's Bay Chorale met for the first rehearsal of the fall term, and our second rehearsal is fast approaching (tomorrow). I wanted to let everyone know that if you missed the first rehearsal, not a problem! Come out and sing with us.

The enrollment window to sing in the fall term is the the first three (3) rehearsals, just FYI. That means, the window is rapidly closing to be part of the fall term. If you missed last week, come out and sing with us tomorrow night. If you know of friends or family that want to sing, drag them along! We will be focusing on 4 pieces this week instead of reading through all of them, so you missed the sight-reading fun, but come out and join us for a great fall season. Even our president is concerned about the window closing. Don't get left out!

See you tomorrow night at St David's in Shelton. 6:30-8:30PM.

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