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Tomorrow! Tomorrow! Rehearsal Starts Tomorrow! It's Only a Day Away!

Annie Singing "Tomorrow"

This IS the Pacific Northwest, but the weatherman says the sun should be out tomorrow. Even MORE exciting is that Fall Rehearsals start tomorrow for Anna's Bay Chorale. IT'S ONLY A DAY AWAY! Come see what all the hype is about tomorrow night (September 13, 2016) at St David's of Wales in Shelton. We will be kicking off our fall season. We will read through (most) of the season's music for everyone to get a 'feel' for what we have planned. And just so you know....pulled directly from our new website...

"The Chorale is a non-auditioned chorale open to any community singer (age 14 or older) with any level of singing experience. The Chorale rehearses on Tuesday evenings, from 6:30-8:30 PM at St. David of Wales Episcopal Church, 324 W. Cedar Street, in Shelton." See more info about joining here

That's right. Love to sing but don't want to go through a rigorous audition process? Good. Neither do we. Come see what it's like tonight at 6:30. Don't read music? No problem. We will sit you next to one of our choristers who can (they won't bite until they know you better). Come join us for our 10th year of making music in Mason county. I'll see you tomorrow! Tomorrow!....It's only a day away!

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