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Shopping at Fred Meyer = $$ for Anna's Bay

Did you know that Fred Meyer has a Community Rewards program? If you shop at Fred Meyer and you have one of those little keyring cards (or a full card) you scan to get points when you shop...did you know that you can use that to send money to Anna's Bay? There is no impact to YOUR rewards at all!

You will need to connect your card to Anna's Bay By logging into your rewards account at and look for "Community Awards" on the right-hand panel. About half-way down the page, you will need to "re-enroll or link your Rewards card." When prompted, Anna's Bay information is:

Organization Name: Annas Bay Music Festival


Organization Number: 81921

Then....just shop 'till you drop knowing that Anna's Bay will be receiving donations from Fred Meyer based on your purchases. How easy is that?!

P.S. If you have ALREADY linked your rewards card to Anna's Bay, you MAY need to re-link it. Fred Meyer drops links on a yearly basis.

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